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Transform your business with our reliable and innovative digital platform.
Our digital engagement platform has been designed with a focus on End-to-End digital transformation for financial institutions.
We simplify and accelerate your numerical transformation journey, making it easier to conquer the challenges of the digital era.

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They trust us

your business with our Platform

Empower your customers and elevate your banking experience with our Digital Engagement Suite, designed to supercharge your entire customer lifecycle, outpace your competition and bring you closer to your customers.

time to market

Time to Market

Accelerate your product launch and stay ahead of the competition with our agile time-to-market solutions


Delivery Capabilities

Experience unparalleled delivery excellence where transparency and client engagement are at the forefront of our approach.

Specific UX

Specific UX

Elevate your brand’s digital presence by customizing every aspect of the user interface to reflect your unique brand identity



Rest easy knowing your sensitive data is protected. Our cutting-edge measures are in place to safeguard all user information and prevent unauthorized access. 



Maximize the value of your investments with our proven Return on Investment strategies, designed to optimize your bank’s digital sales and enhance revenue growth.

Proxym Digital Engagement Suite
provides solutions for each vertical

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We help financial institutions innovate like agile FinTechs

to capture customers value and gain operational efficiency

Since 2006, Proxym helps its customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa deliver their digital ambitions, capture additional customers value & increase their operational efficiency thanks to our reliable global digital delivery and proven digital solutions.

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Close to our customers

Proxym works in a multicultural environment by accompanying its clients and developing its corporate offer in more than 20 countries in Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Proxym North Africa

Created in 2006, based in Tunisia, covers the African market with a focus on our Bankerise and Insurise platforms and also on Smart Gov.

Proxym France

Created in 2011, Proxym France has been selected within top 500 fast-growing campanies all-sectors in France in 2022.

Proxym Middle East

Created regional entities in UAE since 2015 and in Qatar since 2022 to increase proximity to its customers in the Golf Region, with additional focus the Smart Gov sector. 


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Building products is our DNA

We combine all it takes to build great products​ with our multidisciplinary skills, our methodologies and a required mindset to meet your demands​.


We are strengthened with agility, flexibility, adaptability and perseverance.
Our whole architecture and way of handling projects is built around agility to make sure the client is always at the center of the attention.

Geographic & Cultural Mix favoring innovation and co-ideation

We better navigate and influence international affairs by creating a winning formula that opens up new opportunities for growth, innovation, and success while being present in 3 continents to cover a multicultural market.

Reliable delivery delivery commited to our customer success

By combining our skills with those of client teams, we do more than imagine, design and deliver desirable, viable and sustainable products.

Our success stories

George Hobeika

We are extremely satisfied with the work with Proxym. One of the capacities that counts for us, is the ability of Proxym’s teams to establish a synergy with our teams (...),  this requires, not only technical skills, but also project management and human qualities, things that we can really find in Proxym’s team. Also, it is important to know that the environment in Qatar is multicultural. So, Proxym’s teams are really able to adapt to such environment either through synergy and communication. What is most important for us is that Proxym is …. and this is what we are looking for us

George Hobeika
Chief Information Officer - QIIB
Abdourakhmane WONE

La BSIC est très satisfaite de la conduite de ce projet et du professionnalisme des équipes de Proxym. Suite à la mise en production tous les processus automatisés fonctionnent correctement d’après les différents intervenants.

Abdourakhmane WONE
DSI - BSIC Sénégal SA
Vasanthi Kallahalli Vamadeva

Many thanks to all Proxym team members for the exceptional efforts & the outstanding support.I highly appreciated the team’s commitment & the timely delivery for such a critical implementation

Vasanthi Kallahalli Vamadeva
Project Management, Quality & PMO – Dukhan Bank
Yasmine HELAL

I am writing to thank Proxym for the quality of service provided by their team. Takka sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious partnership, the level of details and accountability Proxym has demonstrated and the way you conduct business as a whole is a form of excellence and mastery.

Yasmine HELAL
Chief Executive Officer - ADI Consumer Finance