COMAR Hayett

Omnichannel Digital Insurance

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The digital transformation is a strategic priority for COMAR and HAYETT Insurance in order to :

Bankerise Omnichannel Banking solution covering 70% of needs and offering time-to-market

Differentiate themselves and increase their market share,

Improve the quality of service delivered to policyholders,

Enhance the customer experience during the subscription process and the claims management.

Innovation + Design Thinking workshops

+80% of services covered by our digital platform Insurise

Proxy Product Owner for backlog definition and validation

Business process analysis Implementation of an innovative omnichannel digital selfcare experience solution

Simplifying the customer experience by offering ergonomic, intuitive services that are easy to discover and use

Increasing the autonomy of the insured Internet user: online payment, selection of guarantees during the subscription, etc...

Simplification and automation of tasks, accesses, answers to questions, consultations on the Back Office side