Omnichannel Digital Banking : BforBank 100%

Neo Bank

Created in 2009, BforBank is the Crédit Agricole Group’s 100% online bank.

Web and mobile banking applications for emboarding new customers (KYC, Proof of Life, Emailing, Screening, Electronic Signature)

Deployment of new microservices using hexagonal architecture

Inter-microservice communication via Kafka

Use of digital identity, identity control, document security and electronic signature solutions

Implementation of best development practices

CIAM solution audit

Development of a European Neo-Bank

Development of the Green Field banking onboarding part (vs Brown Field)

Devops, move to cloud logic

Offer future and existing customers a new experience, inspired by today's neo-banks.

The Customer Acquisition squad's challenge is to make it quick and easy for all future customers in Europe to create/open a new bank account.