We Deliver
Your Digital Ambitions !

Proxym is an international Digital Services Group founded in 2006. The group mainly targets the European, African and Gulf markets focusing on several connectivity and information system (IS) projects, mainly in the financial (banks, microfinances and insurances…) as well as government sectors.

Proxym employs today a very large number of highly qualified engineers that have as motivation our motto “We Deliver Your Digital Ambitions” making us an asset to their success as much as it is to us.

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Our team is composed of experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and helping our customers achieve their financial goals.

Our platform leverages the latest technology to provide you with a seamless and personalized financial experience, allowing your customers to manage their assets with ease.

With our comprehensive suite of financial products and services, we strive to be the go-to destination for all your needs.

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Our mission

Our Mission is to support financial institutions (Bank, Insurance…) as well as public and private sectors to transform their digital ambitions into reality thanks to the agility and commitment of our human capital who designs, in a multicultural environment, solutions with innovative technologies.

Our vision

We aspire to be as important to the success of our customers and our human capital as they are to our own success. We aim to excel and leverage our innovative spirit and great HR potential to become the recognized leader in digital solutions in the EMEA region.


Our values

We structure our management around six key values which define our responsibility towards our customers, employees and partners C-R-E-A-Te-Growth

We demonstrate perseverance and agility in the face of the challenges we encounter every day in the world of innovation.

We work together with our clients to meet challenges in the most efficient way and make a difference every day.

We are convinced that by empowering our human capital by giving them the opportunity to develop their skills and be autonomous, we offer our customers an exclusive know-how.
We thus build solid and lasting relationships with our partners based on a climate of trust and mutual interest in order to grow together.

We keep our promises in all circumstances by being flexible and agile to respond effectively to promises.

We like to share and we are transparent in everything we do.

We adapt to a constantly changing environment in order to meet not only the current needs of our customers but also the needs of tomorrow.
We adopt developments and changes quickly by creating better experiences thanks to our intellectual, professional & geographical mobility : varied projects, a multitude of positions and professions in the group and adaptation to change.
It is only natural that Proxym stands out as an innovative partner.

The spirit of cohesion and the common vision brings us together at Proxym. 

We work in symbiosis and form a team that is committed to the path of innovation and excellence to make a difference

Take advantage of our global network and the intellectual and geographical mobility of our team to guarantee an exceptional quality of service to our customers around the world. 

Our deployments on 3 continents promote a geographical mix that generates values and learning.

Single point
of engagement

Our rich experience and strong customer engagement culture allow us to offer our clients a single point of engagement promise, taking advantage of our dual positioning as a Software Editor of proven solutions for financial & public institutions, and a recognized Digital Services Provider in Europe, Middle East and Africa.