Digital Foundation

Digital Engagement Platform

Digital Banking Platform

Our Digital Engagement Platform is a digital foundation platform composed of a set of technical and digital modules and accelerators, with the ambition to provide a smooth digital experience leveraging our expertise in the development of Smart Gov, Banking and Insurance digital solutions. in Europe, the Gulf countries and Africa

The 5 main strategic challenges of Proxym’s Digital Foundation

The challenges raised by the Digital Engagement Platform enable companies to :

  1. Improve the Customer experience by providing easy-to-use digital omni-channel two-way communication
  2. Strengthen the operations and autonomy of the back office and reduce costs by minimizing “paperwork” and dependence on the network of physical agencies
  3. Be responsive to customer needs by enabling personalized content and accelerating the deployment of new personalized services by segment
  4. Accelerate the design and deployment of end-to-end digital journeys such as signing up or on-boarding new customers by offering a low-code approach in creating digital interactions coupled with finely tuned business processes and workflows. multi-stakeholder interaction work
  5. Set up configurable security that can adapt to current or future regulations (N-factor authentication for sensitive operations, Use of one-time password (OTP), Use of fingerprints digital, Support for third-party software tokens such as VASCO …)

LowCode Digital Journeys Builder


BPM Designer : Build Adaptable, Multi-Actors& Monitored End-to-End Digital Journeys

Form Builder : Build a cross-channel Customers Interaction Points in complete autonomy

Business Rules Configurator : Increase reactivity to changes and enable per-channel customization

Proven Security : Configure Multi-Factor Authentication without need to redeploy