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We provide reliable & innovative end-to-end digital services and solutions that simplify and accelerate your digital and business transformation and help you efficiently meet the new challenges of the digital Era.

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Digital Factories

Single Point
of Engagement

Our rich experience and strong customer engagement culture allow us to offer our clients a single point of engagement promise, taking advantage of our dual positioning as a Software Editor of proven solutions for financial & public institutions, and a recognized Digital Services Provider in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Create strategic digital innovation based on value to the business

Proxym helps you achieve your digital goals through agile innovation & differentiation approach : quickly test new digital ideas and iterate toward the perfect business solution.

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What we offer ?

Digital Products & Services adapted to your needs

Digital Factory

Digital Factory is our service offering dedicated to companies engaged in digital transformation projects and who wish to delegate totally or partially their digital projects

Digital Engagement Platform

Empower your digital ambition through Low Code user journey builder and other powerful capabilities

Managed Teams

A multidisciplinary team
with a modular structure according to your needs, competitive pricing & KPIs Monitoring for optimized governance

Integration Services

Implement robust and scalable middleware
Enterprise Service Bus
API Management

Who we are ?

An international Digital Services Group

Proxym is an international IT group founded in 2006 by former engineers and managers from SUN Microsystems, Oracle, Orange and Hewlett-Packard.​

The group mainly targets the European, African and Gulf markets. Thus, Proxym has successfully completed more than 400 digital projects and more than 150 connectivity and information system (IS) projects, mainly in the financial and government sectors.​

​Proxym employs today more than 200 highly qualified engineers. Our corporate motto is “commitment to the success of our customers” so that we are an asset to their success as much as it is to us.​

Years of growth
Digital Consultant
Digital Projects

Why Work With Us ?

✪ Agility & Flexibility
✪ Digital Native Experience
✪ +80 projects delivered in 2020
✪ Multi-Technology / Skills
✪ Innovation Mindset
✪ Continuous Integration & Quality
✪ Diversified Customer Base
✪ Large Human Resource Pool

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