API Connect Platform Integration - GIM UEMOA Platforme GIM SWITCH

The GIM SWITCH is a digital platform ensuring the interoperability of electronic transactions of all actors in the region.

Integration of IBM’s API Connect at GIM UEMOA, which will be used for the Interoperability and GIM SWITCH project. The GIM-Switch solution is a platform that ensures the interoperability of electronic transactions for all stakeholders in the UEMOA region (routing, settlement, default management, etc.).

This solution enables a customer from Member « A », holding a card, mobile device, or any other electronic payment method, to perform transactions (withdrawals, payments, balance inquiries, etc.) at service points (ATMs, POS terminals, e-commerce platforms, etc.) of Member « B ». Member A and Member B are connected to secure the transaction through the GIM-SWITCH Deployed on our IBM API Connect platform.