Crédit Suisse Subsidiary FinTech

Fintune is a Swiss start-up spin-off of the bank Credit Suisse which aims to transform into a B2B product a digital « card reader » allowing parents, bank customers, to educate children on the value of money (savings, merit, budget management) and for banks to recruit their future customers very early and in a fun way

Collaboration in "spike" test mode to prove reliability and expertise of deliverables

Collaboration on an MVP with intermediate delivery stages for prospects and start-up investors: alpha and beta versions

Co-ideation on the different Uses Cases User Paths

Development with agile methodologies of User Stories and execution plan

User interface design based on User Stories

3 Applications Developed in addition to the back-end: Kids Apps, Parents App & Community / Donation Portal

Agility and Continuous Integration

Multidisciplinary team

Advanced skills on demand


Extension as a professional-services team to integrate with target banks