The Story of Proxym

Proxym-IT was founded by an IT engineer who had the chance to experience working for IT multinationals and in the Silicon Valley. Indeed, This was inspiring for Wassel Berrayana as it proved attractive touristic regions and beach resorts can greatly help retain talents and foster innovations.
Proxym-IT was created in 2006 in Sousse, the first Tunisian touristic city and was then the first IT company to settle in the region. This was Wassel’s payback to its home country. Proxym-IT was positioned in the emerging nearshore software business. Tunisia has been along its history cultural and business gateway between Europe, Middle East and Africa and Proxym Group was built to be inline with this DNA of openness and proximity.

Proxym-IT stands as expected for « Proximity in IT services ».

Proxym-IT was built around 4 core values: Proximity to customer needs, Commitment to success, Challenge mindset and Innovation. Proxym invested in a core team of 8 developers sharing same vision and with high potential and loyalty.

Since its inception, Proxym-IT had dedicated mobile team together with Web and Information System team as anticipation for the forth-coming convergence between Web, Information Systems and Mobile. The vision of Wassel was to start small and grow progressively in the value chain by putting focus on innovation and agility.

Despite poor infrastructure in 2006-2008, perseverance and lobbying made out of Proxym the nucleus of growing eco-system of IT companies and startups in the Technopole of Sousse.

From 2006 to 20011, Proxym succeeded I becoming a recognized nearshore company for the French-speaking European in E-commerce, Mobility, Healthcare technologies and Business Solutions. Growth was achieved through Win-Win relationships with partners in Europe. The quality of work and the commitment to customers’ success helped Proxym create reputation of reliable delivery center that was spread with mouth to ear. Indeed, 70% of Proxym customers have been recommended by existing customers. The sales strategy consisted on up-selling to existing customers, leveraging past successes and focusing on innovative solutions offering.

In 2010, Twelve Proxym project managers and team leaders were certified on the SCRUM agile methodology. Since then, agility was considered as straightforward mean to implement proximity to our customers needs.

Starting from 2011, intrepreneurship helped Proxym create 4 spin-off in areas of Healthcare, Retail, Fleet Management and Digital Education. This allowed the group to position itself both as system integrator and provider of off-the-shelf solutions to help customers succeed their business and digital transformation.

In 2013, the company partnered with IBM and expanded into a new Middle East market targeting two main industries: Smart Government and Banking. Entry to the market was achieved by relocating a team of 5 engineers in UAE in 2013 for 6-months with the objective to develop and deploy on-time what was IBM largest world wide mobility deployment in the public sector.

That team successfully advocated Proxym DNA of commitment and challenges. This expansion to the Middle East has fueled the rapid growth of Proxym for the last 5 years.

With more than 400 successful Digital Projects and Satisfied Customers since 2006 and more than 170 IT engineers mobile onto Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Proxym Group has proven its positioning at the heart of innovation and has been rewarded as one of the most innovative IBM business partners.

Innovation at Proxym concretely means first continuously having Fresh graduates working on testing and detecting the next big technology or business trend; to leverage first mover advantage and second learning from failures and adapting to changes.

Proxym Group is one the rare IT players succeeding in both Europe and Middle East markets. These complementary markets helped Proxym span its skills to user-experience, graphical design, business analysis, designing enterprise solutions, banking expertise, etc.

The main challenge of Proxym is to stay faithful to its values with the growth in headcount. For this Proxym Group has started its internal corporate university “Proxym-U” that equally provides steady talents pool to sustain growth.

Today Proxym is preparing its new expansion plan (2018-2020) for Africa in areas of Banking, e-Health and Smart Government. This gives Proxym an ideal geographical mix between Highly-demanding mature European Market, fast growing Middle-eastern region and promising Africa. This will make Proxym a digital gateway for its customers between Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

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