Technological support for
Healthcare actors

Healthcare industry has been always fueling important IT investment as IT technology has shown ability to provide important added value in securing and improving patient treatments, sharing information between various health actors and collecting information and data from various lab and measurement devices.

Therefore, many actors in editing Health IT solutions and Health Information Systems (HIS) appeared since more than 20 years ago in West Europe and North America initially and all over the world in later stages. Government and citizens spending’ in health solutions has been growing, brining steady growth to the health IT sector.

However, changes in regulations and technologies have been always impacting these sectors causing continuous consolidation and changes in market players. Keeping in pace with technology and regulations change has been always necessary for survival and growth of IT healthcare players.

Web emergence and the need for web-centric HIS solutions has been one of the major technology changes. We helped many health editors re-engineer their IT solutions to provide thin web access from every where. Projects we delivered in such case were very variant in size and duration. In particular, we have proudly helped Calystene, pioneer editor of IT health solutions in France, develop from scratch its new revolutionary and modular Futura Smart Design© solution using Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA) and Web .NET technologies. The efforts we dedicated for this major project ranged from 6 to 12 developers for 4 years. We adopted SCRUM agile methodology to keep Proxym-IT deliverables focused on Calystene needs. The launch of Futura on the market has been seen as a success not only for Calystene but also for our development team that brilliantly met the great challenges of this project.

Mobility is also a major new trend impacting the Heathcare industry. As an example, we helped Softway Medical design and deliver various mobile applications dedicated to various actors and users of the clinical eco-systems. Each of those application has been commonly co-design with Softway healthcare experts to bring the best user experience to its app community (physicians, biologists, radiology professionals …).

Mobility and the increased connectivity of devices are also bringing new usages and startups. As an example we helped Boston Life since 2008 connect health measuring devices to health monitoring servers thus introducing new business models of Tele-medicine and remote coach physicians. We have naturally been the IT partner for NantCare company to build its NantLife iPAD application that scans heath measure devices, collects patients measures, communicates measures to Tele-medecine server and help patients view on iPAD his various biological measures.

We are also proud to be the technology partner of the “Sympad” collaborative project in France that helps deploy clinical patient-specific surveys, biological data collection and “Medecin Direct” consulting services onto remote locations in rural areas in France.

We are an IT company that knows how to provide the best of the technology to provide solution that help leaders of Health sectors design and deploy new added value solutions and innovations.

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