Proxym for Microfinance

MFIs Digital FinanceBankerise® Verticalized for Micro-finance

Single point of engagement

Bankerise® Verticalized for Micro-finance

Streamline Field Agents Operations

Agent-Assistant on Tablet is a mobile solution that will equip MFI agents with a tool to optimize their work and carry out several operations in the field such as prospecting, qualification of (risks) prospects, collections, etc.

The offline operation of the Agent-Assistant solution to operate in the absence of Internet connectivity in rural areas

Simplify Collections & Decaching

An internal Wallet module (mobile wallet) that can be adapted with existing Wallets to promote payments & de-caching.

  • Financial Transactions
  • Cash-in and Cash-out
  • Remittance & Money Transfer
  • Accessibility & Enhanced Security
  • Recuperate money and deploy resources efficiently with a clearer view of likelihood to repay.

Personalize & segment offering

An AI Marketing Intelligence engine to optimize credit scoring and offer the right offer to a given client according to a data model and machine learning.

  • Spot overlooked, creditworthy borrowers and safely lend more without increasing risk.
  • Make more good loans and fewer bad ones for better lending.
  • Re-score the risk of loans already on your books to better inform analysis by your team and partners.

The Digital Engagement Platform

Our DEP supports customer segmentation to adapt offers, processes & business rules. Possibility of dynamic segmentation! Support for Wallets and means of payments including banking
Rich data usable in DEP & integrable with CRM / BI and any other 3rd party system

LowCode Digital Journeys Builder

  • Creation of multi-actor & multi-channel processes adapted to the map.
  • The process-oriented presentation of Agent Tasks puts performance at the center & Visualization on Map and by priority.
  • Customers can initiate contributing to (and be informed of) processes.
  • Creation and update of processes on Bankerise ® Back-office with effective inclusion on all channels.
  • The offers and their associated processes created under Bankerise ®
  • The process-driven approach facilitates the development of agent skills.
  • The processes offer an SLA and quality-oriented view of the actions.
  • Rich and exploitable dashboard with BI tool and external data

Digital Custom Services

Dedicated Agile Team

  • A multidisciplinary team​
  • A flexible resources availability according to your needs
  • Monitoring of project KPIs and optimized governance

Advantages :

  1. Increase your production / delivery capacity and gain in efficiency​
  2. Accelerate the delivery of your projects and reduce your Time-to-Market​
  3. Keep control and mastery over the progress of your projects (governance, management)​
  4. Control your costs and priorities

Why work with us ?

Trusted by some of the most known Financial Institutions in the MENA region

Proxym has successfully completed more than 400 digital projects and more than 150 connectivity and information system (IS) projects, mainly in the financial sector.​

With its experience in the delivery of digital projects for banks and insurance companies, has been able to build over time its own dedicated Digital eXperience Platform for banks and insurance companies allowing the implementation of easy and very efficient digital user experiences with high added value.​