Proxym for Insurances

Insurise® : Rethink Insurance Customer Experience

Single point of engagement

Insurise® is an omnichannel digital insurance solution that helps insurance companies become more agile and rethink their customer relationship strategies to adopt a new customer-centric approach where they will take advantage of the digital opportunity to provide their policyholders with a simpler and more pleasant insurance experience.

Omnichannel Digital Insurance

With Insurise® take up the challenges of Digital Insurance ​:

  • Better understand and meet the expectations of your customers on any channel continuously​
  • Speed up the delivery of your Digital Insurance and reduce its Time-to-market​
  • Minimize physical dependency on agencies​
  • Automate several internal processes to optimize costs​
  • Acquire new customers and engage existing customers

Provides to new customers an easy enrollment process allowing the your bank to shape their customer experience since the very beginning.​

  • Integrate with Know-Your-Customer services​
  • Onboard new customers with easy to use enrollment process.​
  • Use mobile device to scan ID and upload key documents.​
  • Facial recognition & ID authenticity ​
  • E-Signature​
  • Track-&-Trace capabilities to inform the customer about status and next steps​

100% Digital Onboarding

Claim Management

End-to-end digitization of the claim journey

  • Digital claims prevention
  • Digital first notification of loss
  • Automated claims management
  • Digital loss assessment and repair
  • Automated settlement

The Digital Engagement Platform

Be Empowered for your Digital Ambitions

Build on your own Digital Touchpoints
Accelerate the Design& Implementation of Digital User Journeys
Manage & Monitor Omnichannel Customer requests
Customize Features per segments and Channels

Accelerate your Digital Time-to-Market

Modular Architecture Single Point of Engagement with proven Proxym Excellence Delivery
PSD2 & API Ready for Open Banking

Proven A-La-Carte Security Across all channels

One-time Password (OTP)
N-factor Authentication
Multi-channel Security Fingerprints, FaceID & Soft Token Authentication
Audit Trail
Device Management

Provide Stunning Customer Experience

Simple & Fast Digital Onboarding
Data for personalized insurance experience with GDPR adherence
Predict customer expectations with Artificial Intelligence

Digital Custom Services

Dedicated Agile Team

  • Multidisciplinary team​
  • A flexible resources availability according to your needs
  • Monitoring of project KPIs and optimized governance

Advantages :

  1. Increase your production / delivery capacity and gain in efficiency​
  2. Accelerate the delivery of your projects and reduce your Time-to-Market​
  3. Keep control and mastery over the progress of your projects (governance, management)​
  4. Control your costs and priorities

Why Work With Us?

Trusted by some of the most known Insurances in the MENA region

Proxym has successfully completed more than 400 digital projects and more than 150 connectivity and information system (IS) projects, mainly in the financial sector.​

With its experience in the delivery of digital projects for banks and insurance companies, has been able to build over time its own dedicated Digital eXperience Platform for banks and insurance companies allowing the implementation of easy and very efficient digital user experiences with high added value.​