Proxym for Governments & Public Institutions

Single point of engagement

End-to-End Smart Gov Digital Services

End-to-End digital offering technology, consulting & solutions capabilities adressing public sector and IDOs challenges & requirements … from Technology, Digital & Analytics Strategy to Solutions.

Build Smooth Digital Experience

  • User experience & UI Design
  • Quick wins & Proof of Concept
  • Unified Services App & Portal
  • Per-Government entity app
  • Tailored Digital Journeys with adaptable BPM
  • Smart Notification for Requests management
  • eService Lifecycle management

Accelerate Digital Transformation​ : Mendix®

  • High level of Automation & Standardization
  • Out of the box multi-channel app development
  • Easy to change & maintain Apps
  • Promotes IT Reuse and Team Autonomy
  • Integrated App Lifecycle Management
  • Easy to Learn how to create & maintain Apps
  • 1-Click Deployment, and OotB monitoring

Business Apps

  • Claim Management
  • Inspection & Field Apps
  • Smart HR App for Employees
  • Services & Utilities Payment
  • Fleet & Asset Tracking
  • Municipality Management

Integration Services

  • Services Inclusion Platform
  • Open Gov & API Management
  • Unified Patient Record
  • Unified Public Employee Record
  • Digital Unified ID
  • Single Sign On & Central Authentification Service
  • RPA

Deloitte & Proxym Joint Offering

End-to-End Digital Services for French Speaking Africa

Large expertise and credentials

  • National Digital strategy & implementation roadmap in Africa: Conducted several digital strategies including e-Government (Tunisia, Benin, CEDEAO, …)
  • Digital transformation of private sector: TMT, FSI, CB, … (Tunisie Telecom, ATB, Sunu, Aziza, …)
  • An E2E Technology capability from Strategy to Solutions with strong focus on Public sector & IDOs
  • Our value proposition: Bridge the gap between IDOs and Governments on public sector & economies digitization programs

Mendix® Low-Code Platform Certified Integrator

Mendix for Public Sector contains forward-thinking technology tools for organizations looking to drive change in a swiftly evolving world. Unlock access to hyper-modern solutions created from industry-focused best practices that will improve your ability to anticipate challenges and respond effectively.

Mendix powerful and thriving digital marketplace has an expansive catalog of workflows, myriad components that can be customized to suit your specific needs, and so much more. Scroll down to continue exploring.

Digital Custom Services

Dedicated Agile Team

  • Multidisciplinary team​
  • A flexible resources availability according to your needs
  • Monitoring of project KPIs and optimized governance

Advantages :

  1. Increase your production / delivery capacity and gain in efficiency​
  2. Accelerate the delivery of your projects and reduce your Time-to-Market​
  3. Keep control and mastery over the progress of your projects (governance, management)​
  4. Control your costs and priorities

Trusted by Governments & Public Institutions in the MENA region

We are a global IT player recognized as a Digital Services provider in the areas of Smart Gov and Digital Finance.

With more than 600 successful Digital Projects & Satisfied Customers since 2006 and more than 200 Software engineers mobile on Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Proxym Group is at the heart of innovation as confirmed by its selection among IBM’s 100 Most Innovative Business Partners.

In short, why you should choose us?

Centered on User Needs and Contexts

Proven know how in capturing business requirements, user expectations and delivering expected value

Global Delivery and Multi-cultural Teams

Addressing Europe, Middle East, Africa and beyond with delivery teams in France, Tunisia, UAE and Egypt

Greater Value thanks to Partnership with Deloitte & Mendix®

Convinced that the End-To-End Digital services offer with our partners will bring greater value to governments and public sector

Commitment For Customers’ Success

We have the commitment DNA, a proven & adaptable project methodology and a robust continuous integration and quality processes that allowed us to reach 100% success rates of our digital projects.