Proxym-Group offers skilled professionals for your IT projects with a technology spectrum covering most popular web, mobile and information systems’ technologies. We offer outsourcing services using agile methodology allowing our customers to consider our teams as an extension of their own IT teams.

Our key-success factors for successfully delivering your IT project are:

  • Our agile methodology letting our deliverables focused on your needs
  • Our project management portal that provides customers with visibility and transparency of the projects they trustfully delegated to us
  • Our project managers and business analysts based in Paris and Dubai and mobile to all Western Europe and Gulf countries
  • Our technology diversification and continuous seek for new technologies and framework that offer you better productivity and the sustainability of your IT investments
  • Our ethics and respect of intellectual property and confidentiality
  • Our large pool of skilled HR resources thanks to our production teams based in Tunisia’s first touristic-city Sousse. Our great reputation and as an excellent recruiter make us attractive for new fresh talents that will progressively bring scalability and energy to your projects.
  • Our flexible contracting models ranging from fixed-price, time and material, on-site sourcing, etc.
  • Our initiative-taking attitude that saves from the hassle of over-specification and micro-management you might experience with competition
  • Our technology-agnostic attitude as we will recommend the technology and solution that we really think is the best for your IT project and your business.

Many of our customers describe us as an innovative nearshore services provider and we are proud that we become very quickly the preferred technology partner of many of our customers with whom our relationship lasts for years of common successes.

Our customers are either:

  • Editors of IT solutions seeking to expand their IT development workforce or gain expertise on areas not mastered internally (such as mobility, new development framworks)
  • Digital and communication agencies seeking a trustful technology partner that offer competitive costing together with strong expertise
  • Organizations such as banks and Telcos seeking a partner providing key-turn solutions for their projects with the guarantee of transfering back the knowledge to their internal IT teams

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