Skilled Workforce

Managed Teams

Digital Banking Platform

What we call managed teams is a delivery system that we put in place to ensure optimal deliverability of your product with a strong and flexible commitment.

Outsource Development Center

A system bringing together all of client’s expertise, its partners and Proxym to guarantee efficiency​

  • Maintain product knowledge in the core team and adjust the workforce according to the specifics of the work package and the project phase​
  • Take advantage of a strong ecosystem of expertise within our platforms in the product professions (Design / Agility / Technology / Quality / Business) and be able to integrate experts from time to time for specific projects​

Mixed Squads with Customers teams and Proxym

Better efficiency and increased flexibility

The objective of agile squads is optimal delivery with high engagement and great flexibility by:​

  • Maintaining knowledge within a core team and adapt squad team sizes based on priorities and progress on product backlog​
  • Leverage Proxym strong expertise within the squads with the ability to engage specific needs (Design / DevOps/ Security) when needed​
  • Squads can be partly on customers site​
  • Delivery mode tested and proven with customers in North Africa, Europe & Middle East

Digital Custom Services

Dedicated Agile Team

  • A multidisciplinary team​
  • A flexible resources availability according to your needs
  • Monitoring of project KPIs and optimized governance

Advantages :

  1. Increase your producAtion / delivery capacity and gain in efficiency​
  2. Accelerate the delivery of your projects and reduce your Time-to-Market​
  3. Keep control and mastery over the progress of your projects (governance, management)​
  4. Control your costs and priorities