New Release : Dubai 24/7 Mobile App by Proxym

We are proud to announce that the new version of Dubai 24/7 app has been recently released. Made for Dubai Municipality , Dubai 24/7 is a mobile application that offers access to more than 100 services to Dubai residents.

Thanks to its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, users could find at their fingertips a wide range of convenient services making their daily life easier. With Dubai 24/7 Residents can:

– Report an incident or an infraction (example: a noise nuisance due to construction or an obstacle to remove on the street)
– Ask for a Service on a given area (Remove General Waste)
– Track, in real time, the evolution of the status of the submitted requests (in particular the movement of the agents towards the point of intervention)

Beyond its great convenience the app includes a bench of innovative features that our team strived to develop, such as:
– Image recognition and Text & Voice search for the most suitable services suggestions
– Real Time request Tracking (Uber like)
– Automatic Noise disturbance detector

The application is part of a greater vision of the government to make digitization the main driver for innovation. We are delighted and proud to support Dubai Municipality in this major project as a strategic technology partner.

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