Digital Consumer Finance

Digital Consumer lending Platform

Loan origination & processing

We think that Lending should be embedded right into the customer journey.

Automated, digital-first experience for personal loans

Towards a fully digital self-service experience

  • Fast Digital Onboarding + KYC / ​AML automated Verifications
  • Customers can complete the entire process online
  • Automated issue detection, personalized experience based on customer data analysis
  • Frictionless omnichannel experience
  • Pre-approvals and simulations through LOS integration.

Flexible, Modular, Open Achitecture & Integration Capabilities

Our solution is built on flexible architecture, it is modular and open to third-party data / solutions and systems.

We offer access to data via APIs, allowing lenders to understand borrower’s financial situation. While offering best of the breed data security and privacy practices.

Our Digital Engagement Platform uses advanced AI techniques to elevate credit underwriting and allow for more sophisticated credit risk modeling.

We support seamless integration with third-party technology products, enabling lenders to plug external technology capabilities and integrate with KYC and due diligence providers, underwriting systems, and more.

Loan Origination Fonctionalities

Is your business planning to digitize its lending process or start offering loans, credit cards or other products ?

Digital Lending Engagement Platform

Digital Portal
Loan Documents upload
Intelligent data extraction (OCR)
Loan Products configuration
Real-Time Business intelligence (Cross-sell)

Digital lending processing

Credit Decisioning
Loan Pricing
Regulatory reporting
Loan configuration
Automated Loan documents creation

Credit & Fraud Risk Management

Know-your-customer and due diligence
Credit risk modeling
Fraud risk management
Regulatory reporting