Proxym Digital Factory

Digital Banking Platform

Digital Factory is Proxym service offering dedicated to organizations engaged in digital transformation projects, IS modernization and innovation.​


Two offers depending on customer context​

Our Digital Factory results in the provision of one or more multidisciplinary teams (Agile, Technical, UX, Quality) covering all your end-to-end needs from ideation to production.​

Your Digital Project​ (Scope Based)​

You have:​

  • A clear, well-defined need and a controlled context​
  • A small or medium-sized project​
  • Unavailability of internal resources or skills​
  • Strong project constraints​

You will have :​

  • A fixed price (Package)​
  • Deliveries within defined deadlines​
  • Good visibility on the progress of your projects​
  • Optimized governance​

We guarantee :​

  • Good communication​
  • Detailed project planning​
  • Quality of our deliverables

Your Digital Team​ (Services Centre – Capacity Based)​

You Have :​

  • A large or complex project​
  • A continuous need for expertise / skills to feed / hear your teams​
  • Innovation topics or a changing context​
  • Quality and safety issues​
  • Difficulties in prioritizing and delivering your projects​


You will have :​

  • A multidisciplinary team​
  • A modular setup according to your needs​
  • Competitive prices​
  • Monitoring of KPIs and optimized governance​

We guarantee :​

  • Flexible Set up​
  • Team stability​
  • Respect of our commitments​

Business Analysis & Strategies

An Agile approach, co-built with you, is imperative to develop a user-oriented approach, the only guarantee for achieving your objectives. We will work together on defining your product strategy and guaranteeing all the conditions for success.

  • Understanding the issues
  • Target analysis
  • Technical framing
  • Definition and prioritization of the backlog

UX / UI design

By working for a better user experience, we will design digital products that help strengthen the value of your products and services.

  • Design Thinking
  • Artistic direction
  • Study of Personas / User Experience
  • User Stories / User Journey
  • Wireframing / Prototyping
  • User Tests

Agile Development

With us, the execution of Agile developments is essential to guarantee a quality product. This allows, among other things, to secure deliveries and include short feedback cycles. Our teams are familiar with Agile practices and will be able to provide you with premium support. Native Mobile Applications

  • Web and Responsive Applications
  • Backend development
  • Hybrid Mobile Development
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • IoT applications
  • Cloud development

Continuous Testing (CT) & Quality

We believe that a poorly tested product can have a negative impact on its adoption and on the image of the company. This is why we have developed an offer dedicated to manual and automatic testing to help companies validate their products and services.

  • Automated Tests
  • User tests
  • Code quality analysis and audit
  • Testing and reporting campaigns

Technical Support & Maintenance

The life cycle of a product or service does not end when it is put online, on the contrary it continues to live and evolve. Through a dedicated support team, we offer personalized support to our customers.

  • Period of guarantee
  • Documentation and Support Phases
  • Proposals in terms of functional developments, technical improvements, component or library upgrades.
  • Regular points for docking suggestions to the roadmap