Digital Corporate Banking

Bankerise® Corporate Banking Solution

Digital Banking Platform

Delivers an enhanced client experience with deep functionality across our corporate banking solution

Company Onboarding

Simple & fast onboarding of corporate customers

  • Centralization of all bank accounts for the group of companies
  • Ability to navigate between accounts of different companies belonging to the same group without re-authentication

Bank Administration Featuers

Corporate Customers Segmentation

  • Creating specific segments at the digital solution level is simpler than at the core banking level
  • Define a specific commercial policy for the segment, thus obtaining a clear competitive advantage over competing establishments.
  • Create products specific to the segment’s customers that best meet specific needs.
  • Optimize the bank’s commercial system (Package, Costs and benefits for the segments)

Remote Digital Channels Management

  • Flexible configuration for the functionalities of the digital platform
  • Think of a mobile banking app as a remote control for your customers
  • Validate the typology of developed uses of Internet banking and the effect on the quality of service

Corporate Administration Featuers

Simplified Corporate user management

  • Create unlimited number of corporate users
  • Security policies standardized to the users of the company
  • Manage the access rights of your colleagues and your team for the platform’s functionalities

Roles, Permissions & limits

  • Quick implementation of business management rules to be applied during the execution and validation of customer transactions.
  • Easy, intuitive and real-time administration of business rules from the solution’s BackOffice, no restart is required.
  • More visibility and autonomy for the bank’s business teams in order to personalize the end user experience according to customer segmentation and business needs.

Transactions Workflow Management

  • La configuration des modes d’autorisation uniques ou multiples et plusieurs fourchettes de montants sont applicables.
  • Définir les règles commerciales d’approbation des transactions financières telles qu’établies par le conseil d’administration.
  • Les règles de workflow peuvent être gérées pour les transactions financières (par exemple, les transferts, les paiements) ainsi que pour les transactions non financières.

Corporate Administration Featuers

Dashboard & Accounts

360 ° view of accounts, balances and latest transactions
Filter transactions on specific date ranges
Export transaction histories

Bulk Transfer & Payment

Consolidation of transactions into a single package for sending for validation
Flexibility to validate multiple transactions in a single click

Beneficiaries Management

La possibilité d’ajouter une personne/entreprise à la liste de bénéficiaires pour les « virements » en ligne
Vous n’êtes pas limité sur le nombre de saisie. Vous avez la possibilité de saisir autant de bénéficiaires que vous le souhaitez