Arabius chooses Proxym for its agility, flexibility & adaptability to develop their educative yet entertaining mobile application

interactive language learning

Rather than focusing on memorization and speaking like most language learning mobile applications, Arabius, an ed-tech company founded and based in Riyadh by American residents, focuses first on simply interacting with words through exciting and effective games, based on the world’s most innovative methodology and delivery

Their philosophy when it comes to learning a new language is to enjoy the journey and acquire it naturally and intuitively, not through the tedious burden of strict memorization or translation. This unique approach distinguishes Arabius from its competitors around the world and ensures a certain touch of uniqueness and personalization in the user experience.

Arabius was looking for an innovative digital services company with high determination and perseverance in agility and technicity to manage and develop their educative and entertaining mobile application. Proxym was the perfect fit for such high expectations, thanks to its ingenuity and proven know-how.

Joel HuffmanChief Executive Officer of Arabius, declared that he is “delighted with this partnership, as Proxym consistently and overwhelmingly exceeded expectations with brilliant creativity and technical excellence. In every stage and new challenge of developing this innovative technology, Proxym displayed the highest levels of professionalism and passion for their work.”

He also referred to Proxym as “a technological bridge between cultures,” strengthened with agility, flexibility, adaptability and perseverance as pillars, to overcome the daily multicultural challenges they face. “Proxym surely knew how to deliver an excellent product, determined to understand and master the complexity of leveraging state-of-the-art technology to adapt the proven Arabius pedagogy into mobile application for users around the world to learn Saudi language and culture.”

Proxym’s team attentiveness to details makes them better understand each other’s constraints and develop innovative and specific solutions. By efficiently studying the market and accurately assessing Arabius’s needs, the Proxym team made sure to include some interesting Saudi features in the application like the Golden Dates as gems in the game to represent Saudi culture and give the user a fully immersive experience. Unique aspects like this allow users to interact in an educative and fun way.

Finally, In the face of transformations and disruptions of all kinds, agility is becoming a condition for survival, and Proxym’s team has it in its core. Its whole architecture and approach to handling projects is built around agility to make sure the client is always at the center of attention. This commitment to quality and adaptability is how Proxym always sets the bar high for its competitors and effortlessly attract clients around the globe.