We offer value adding services to help telcos attract new customers

Industry Overview

Telcos have been heavily investing to modernize their networks and infrastructure. They have been rewarded by an extraordinary quick market adoption of both mobile phones and Internet connectivity.

Nevertheless, Telcoms are facing challenges of reduced ARPU and erosion of their valued added services (such as ringtones, SMS). The Telcos landscape has undergone consolidation and diversifications through MVNO. These changes usually translate into heavy and painful IT projects. Telcos are becoming aware that IT is an important asset that contributes to the competetiveness of the Telco and greatly impacts the rapidness it can react to business changes and launch new offers.

Telcos are also seeing most of the new revenue captured by new Internet over-the-top players that are getting the most value from Telcos’ deployed infrastructure. Some of theses players (such Whats App) are even a potential long term thread for Telcos.

It is becoming strategic for Telcos to enter the re-build their value-added services strategy and compete on equal footing in the mobile apps arena.

Telcos have several advantages that make them uniquely positioned to win the value-added services battle mainly in the enterprises segment such as:

  • Great Image reliability robustness
  • Primary technology partner for most enterprises
  • Great database of customers
  • Image of trust that can be leveraged for billing and breaking most customers’ entry barriers into paid value added services

Industry Challenges

Telcos face many challenges:

  • Leverage their large existing database of customers to offer new services
  • build and infrastructure than can integrate new endpoints and new offers
  • Capitalize on the lucrative segment of enterprises by providing new offers for enterprises and SME

Our Value proposition

We have deployed several capabilities for the Telcos industry such as:

  • We are an integrator of solid IBM connectivity and mobile technologies
  • Our Mobility and Marketing know-how and assets can help leverage the potential of their customers database.
  • The products and services for Mobile enterprise solutions of our subsidiary Valomnia and Security and Energy home automation solutions of CHIFCO can provide them with ready-to-run valued added services to expand their offering
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