Retail and Distribution

We provide solutions for a better visibility into the sales & delivery process

Industry Overview

The Retail industry is made of all businesses that sell goods and services to consumers. The Retail is considered highly competitive.
The Internet and emerging technologies such as mobile applications are changing the industry. Therefore companies need to be at the forefronts when it comes to IT innovations to enhance its brand and stores visibility, grow its customers base and maximize cost of their acquisition.

We perceive high maturity of the Retail industry in Europe with companies already empowered with appropriate IT solutions including ERP, CRM and SCM.
We perceive major on-going investments of this industry in mobile-enabling sales or delivery forces, increase integration with distributors through B2B E-Commerce and portals and increase customers’ engagements through smarter marketing tools and in-store improved customer experience.

The percentage of Retailers providing E-commerce shops is very important in Europe and migration and modernization projects are frequent.
On the Middle East and Africa region, we perceive growth on the E-commerce and Mobile-Commerce sector mainly in GCC. Mobility solutions could provide opportunities for catching up delay in adopting modernizations. For instance, adoption for M-Commerce, Geo-localization business solutions and Mobile Marketing have changes to be adopted and embrace quickly.

Industry Challenges

This industry faces usually high competition and increased consumers expectations for personalized shopping and digital experiences. IT solutions are surely a great investment to optimize costs, create competitive advantages and drive new business revenue. Therefore, challenges of this industry are numerous:

  • A better visibility into the sales process
  • Speed up sales & ordering processes
  • Optimize the delivery cycle
  • Provide consistent price based on distribution channel and applicable promotions
  • Ensure communication between the sales teams and the company’s marketing and production teams
  • Avoid error-prone paperwork
  • Improve brand image amongst digital and social users
  • Provide an Omni-channel approach to all the actors involved in the selling and distribution process: consumers, distributors, point of sales and internal marketing team
  • Provide a contextualized shopping experience to the consumers that provide additional value and improved order-conversion rates

Our Value proposition

We have deployed several capabilities for the Retail industry such as:

  • Mobile sales and Mobile POS
  • E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce
  • Event Marketing solutions
  • Location-based solutions
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