Enterprise social networks

Improving employee collaboration has always been a key factor for companies of all sizes. In fact, organizations are constantly looking for opportunities to increase productivity, speed up [...]

Mobile solutions for Sales

Consumer behavior is changing considerably and is forcing companies to change their strategies towards mobile. In fact, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets brought a set of [...]

Mobile-enabling Oracle HRMS

Oracle Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is a major component of the Oracle E-Business Suite of applications. Oracle HRMS is an integrated suite of applications that supports all aspects [...]

Business Process Dematerialization

Dematerialization allows the instant access to documents, and allows to optimize the entire organization and business processes. The substitution of a paper document by an electronic document [...]

Field Management solutions

Field management solutions are designed to optimize processes and information needed by companies to help their field technicians optimize their operational interventions. They provide managers [...]

M2M & Internet of Things

Once a trend, the Internet of Things has become a reality that is changing the world in which we live M2M Definition: Machine-to-Machine is where “Machines” use network resources to communicate [...]

Costum ERP development

Almost every company uses an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software because of its strategic value for businesses. In fact, ERPs present businesses with opportunities to optimize companies [...]

Building SOA architectures

SOA is an evolutionary approach that helps to develop a flexible information system, ensuring an intrinsic interoperability and a better agility for the company. SOA is completely independent of [...]

IBM MobileFirst

IBM MobileFirst Platform is a plateform designed to empower enterprises and help them become mobile. The plateform enables to build and continuously deliver mobile apps more efficiently and [...]

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