OmniChannel Enterprise Solutions

Developments in wireless communication technologies and mobile technologies (smartphones and tablets), have provided companies and organizations with considerable opportunities. In fact, companies used to rely only on their information systems to improve their business processes. Mobility provides advantages such as real-time access to company’s data, geolocation features and enables workers to complete tasks even outside of the office. Indeed, mobile workforces can easily access and feed in real-time their company’s information system.

Proxym Group has believed since 2006 on the potential of mobile and the forthcoming convergence from Information
Systems (IS) to the Web to Mobile devices. Hence, we developed a
strong know-how in designing mobile applications and mobile usages
that integrate with existing information systems and web portals.
Therefore, our teams have developed more than 120 mobile applications
for customers of various sizes and industries. This positioning at the crossroad of mobile, IS and web convergence has been reinforced by the creation of a Spin-off
APPTIV-IT ( specialized in editing mobile applications for enterprises. This allows the group to cover the whole spectrum of mobile
innovation and mobile-enabling businesses from strategy definition,
to product identification and development, to consulting and until
projects developments and delivery.