Mobile Apps for Media and Communications

The Media & Entertainment industry has evolved with the digital revolution and the development of the “Third Screen” (Smartphones, tablets and other devices). In fact, newspapers and magazines have dramatically been hurt by the online alternatives and have therefore decided to rapidly adopt new formats and new technologies.
The Media content had to be relevant and readable for Internet users either using PCs, smartphones, tablets, ebook readers and other digital devices.

The entertainment industry which involves television, radio, gaming and music has also been disrupted considerably an is seeing new competitors entering the market. In fact, consumers are more and more demanding over what they watch, read and listen to. This was possible with the increase in online radios and internet-based TV programming, music apps and online streaming websites

Proxym Group has contributed to this transition from print to digital by working on several projects for renowned French News agencies and radios. Proxym Group was also a pioneer in the development of games on mobile devices.