M2M & Internet of Things

Once a trend, the Internet of Things has become a reality that is changing the world in which we live

M2M Definition: Machine-to-Machine is where “Machines” use network resources to communicate with remote application infrastructure for the purposes of monitoring and control, either of the “machine” itself, or the surrounding environment.

Regarding the Internet of things which represents the potential interconnection of smart objects and the way we interact with the environment is what The Internet of Things is envisioned to be, where the physical world will merge with the digital world.

Use cases:

Proxym Group has successfully achieved several M2M projetcs ranging from the monitoring and control of energy consumption (Home Automation Box) to collecting critical medical information using connected health devices (Oxymeter, etc)

Proxym Group has also engaged in an R & D project by developing functionalities on the SmartWatch. The goal was to watch and control energy consumption bahavior.