Mobility and Iot

With the booming of the smartphones market and the emergence of mobile applications and usages, mobility is becoming essential for individuals and enterprises.

Proxym Group anticipated the forthcoming emergence of mobility by investing back to 2006 in mobile development team that experienced developments and projects on various mobile operating systems and platforms. The size of the Mobile team has been continuously growing and this translates into hundreds of mobility projects succeeded in all sectors and for various customers.

We have seen mobility projects evolving from gaming to consumer projects to enterprise and corporate projects and covering all industries and sectors.
Thanks to our technology diversification we have always provided customers with the expertise and solutions that better fit their needs, requirements, budgets and time-to-market.

We think that in order to build successful mobile experiences, mobile applications need to leverage organizations/companies information systems, data and processes to provide the highest value to ever-demanding users and communities. Therefore, we know how to address mobility projects from both the user-experience perspective as well as from the data-security and back-end integration perspectives. We also know how to extend mobile applications by developing, when needed, monitoring consoles and custom-made web back-ends. Indeed, our integration and web development skills ideally complete our mobility offering to provide customers with one-stop partner for building successful mobile projects.

Finally, smartphones joy nowadays of important increased connectivity and computing power that makes out of them the ideal gateway for implementing Internet of Things (IoT) strategies and usages. We have already delivered mobile and tablet solutions that monitor health measuring machines or wellness wearables.

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