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Our mobile team has developed by March 2012 more than 100 mobile applications on various operating system using native approach. While native developments offered capabilities to bring superior user interfaces, we have seen some reluctance to mobile-enable critical business processes and sectors such as Banking. Furthermore, we perceived HTML5 standards as a technology mean to bridge the gap between the widely deployed web content and the mobile applications.

Therefore, when we learned the news of the acquisition by IBM of Worklight startup to build what is now called IBM MobileFirst Platform, we immediately saw this announcement as sign of the forthcoming investment Big Blue is about to do in mobility. We believed that IBM will surely bring the security expertise and integration assets for this new emergent technology to become a great tool by which mobility will be finally able to reach banking and government sectors where few mobility projects have been deployed.

The fact that IBM MobileFirst Platform was standards-based and HTML5-compliant helped us believe that we could achieve a “one stone, two birds” win by investing in this new technology.

Hence, Proxym France have been the first company to order an IBM Worklight license and we invested right a way in a technical team to build asset and gain expertise on IBM MobileFirst platform.

Naturally, thanks to our rich expertise and numerous references in mobility and the newly acquired expertise on IBM MobileFirst, we have been selected by IBM to partner in the develop its VIP Mobile application for the prestigious Roland Garros Tennis tournament in May 2013.

We have also been selected by IBM to collaborate in September 2013 in, what was at that time, the largest mobility project of IBM in the government sector: The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Interior Smart Government application. Proxym-IT has developed the UI design and the delivered the whole scope of 30 smart services to citizens on time despite the very tight delivery schedule. This application has been rewarded as one of the best public-sector mobile applications in the whole Middle-East.

Our successes on delivering high-quality world-class mobile applications leveraging IBM technologies has been repeated several time and we are proud of many successes such as:

  • Mobile social media for families allowing in-family communication and child supervision using geo-fencing. This application has been developed for UAE Child Protection Center of Abu Dhabi Police.
  • Mobile application intended for the federal employees of the UAE consisting on mobile-enabling HR processes. This application we developed for FAHR (Federal Agency for Human Resources) knew very quick adoption by users and great feedback. See the official IBM press-release on this success
  • Mobile Banking for Qatar International Islamic Bank in partnership with GBM Qatar one of the most successful IT companies in Qatar.

We are proud to be one of the most preferred business partners of IBM and its customers in the Europe, Middle-East and African region. We bring to these customers not only expertise on IBM mobility products but also our 150-mobile-projects rich experience, strong UI skills and our approved agile methodology.

We are widening the range of portfolio of IBM products we master as we started deploying connectivity projects with IBM Integration Bus (IIB) product as well as IBM WebSphere MQ. We help our customers scale-up their Information systems into secure and reliable service-oriented-architectures thus increasing the re-use of deployed capabilities and lowering barriers for adding news applications.

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