Keep track of patients history, analyze treatment options and stay up-to-date on medical research

Industry Overview

IT has progressed in the Healthcare from a toolbox for economic tracking of clinics and hospitals to complex solutions that improve health care quality, enhance operating efficiency, and provide consumers with the information and tools they need to make decisions, providers are developing better ‘connectivity’ strategies and information support, both internally and through strategic relationships.

Increased connectivity, M2M and Internet of Things are allowing laboratory and biological devices and measurement devices to gather additional data that help decision-making and risk prevention.

See on this link how we help helthcare actors build robuste, friendly and innovative IT solutions

Industry Challenges

The evolving regulations and rapidly changing technologies, raise many challenges to the Healthcare industry:

  • Provide doctors with information and tools to diagnose patients health
  • Enhance communication and information share amongst health professionals while respecting privacy
  • Tools to keep track of patients’ history, analyze treatment options and stay up-to-date on medical research
  • Improving treatments safety by reducing error-prone information gathering and incompatibles treatments
  • Improve occupation and ROI of heavy healthcare equipments
  • Leveraging M2M and Internet of Things to collect patients’ measurements to keep patients safe and under-monitoring without the need for frequent face-to-face visits
  • Optimize clinics and hospitals agendas
  • Optimize clinics and hospitals assets (equipment, surgery rooms, etc.)
  • Conform to frequently changing regulations
  • Keep up to date with higher expectations of users for better, web and mobile friendly tools

Our value proposition

We have deployed several capabilities for the Healthcare industry such as:

  • Deep experience of Healthcare thanks to our 4-year collaboration with a Healthcare IT leader
  • Our proven experience in building Mobile solution for Tele-medicine and Wellness
  • Our capacity of architecting service-oriented solutions in .NET and Java/JEE environment
  • Our rich track record in deploying secure Web and Mobile user experiences for healthcare
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