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Industry Overview

Banks and Financial institutions, that used to be once part of one of the most protected sectors, are now facing many regulations changes (Bale 2, Bale 3, Anti-Money-Laundering, etc.) with a pace that is accelerated by the globalization of economies and trade.

Technology is potentially disruptive in the banking sectors as new entrants adopting new business models and competition practices may arise. All this puts pressure onto banks to lay IT infrastructure that speeds up deploying new services and offers.

Many banks have not succeeded in transforming its relationship with its own customers to the higher level of satisfaction and loyalty. This requires from banks initiatives for re-inventing its marketing and communication with customers and the need to leverage mobility and social trends to improve their brand loyalty.

Strong of our mobility and agility cultures in one hand and empowered by our status of IBM Business Partner on the other hand, we have the ambition to help banks deploy securely value added Mobile Banking services and innovative Mobile Marketing initiatives.

Industry Challenges

Banking are facing many challenges:

  • Cope with changes in regulations while not compromising on security nor quality.
  • Leverage web and mobile channels to get bank employees in branches focused on business and value generating activities by reducing or delegating to customers low-value tasks.
  • Security.
  • Leverage re-use and reduce TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership) of IT investments by implementing service-oriented-architecture.
  • Build marketing initiatives that help bank leverage its customers database to co-sell common offers with partner
  • Help each customer feel unique by pushing contextualized and geo-localized services and informations.
  • Leverage mobility to invent and deploy new services.
  • Free bank services offering from limitations of heavy core-banking systems.

Our value proposition

We have deployed several capabilities for the Banking industry such as:

  • M-Banking assets
  • Mobile Marketing assets
  • Our ability to build end-to-end secure mobile solutions
  • Our strong integration skills including our experience with IBM connectivity products and expertise in building SOA infrastructure
  • Our UI and UX design skills
  • Our Java/JEE expertise and ability to build scalable and highly available web and mobile solutions
  • Our know-how in implementing dematerialization
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